Show #2 – Jeremy ‘Danger’ Mulder

Recorded March 12, 2019, LIVE at the Boogie Street Studios, at the table with Eric is the very popular and long-time Pittsburgh media personality and host of Froggy Radio’s afternoon ‘Danger Show’ for 17 years, Jeremy ‘Danger’ Mulder. Jeremy reveals his journey from Memphis to Pittsburgh, including the truth about ‘Danger Boy’, as well as many humorous highlights in his 17 years on Pittsburgh Radio. The discussions cover national country music recording artists as well as the local Pittsburgh music scene. Jeremy discusses his favorite national and local recording artists as well as memorable artist interviews and shows throughout the years. This includes the video from Jermey’s 2006 interview with Taylor Swift and how it went viral nearly a decade later! Jeremy and Eric also discuss the state of popular music in the downloading environment and the challenges facing new artists on various fronts as well as the current trend of lip syncing during live events. Jeremy also shares some his favorite spots in Pittsburgh for food and fun. And much, much more.

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