Show #8 – Eric Hibler

Eric Hibler is a lifelong Pittsburgh native, MMA fighter, health and fitness enthusiast, passionate entrepreneur and of course, the founder of Pittsburgh Fight Club. ‘Hib’ sits down at the table with Eric McKenna at the Boogie Street Studios to discuss his life in fighting and entrepreneurship. Hib shares how he started fighting at a young age, the various disciplines he utilized through his development, mentors in his journey and his opportunity to train with some of worlds finest MMA fighters. Hib discusses how Pittsburgh Fight Club started humbly in his garage with a ton of neighborhood enthusiasm which led to the large gym complex which became Pittsburgh Fight Club’s home for many years. Hib touches on the history of MMA, cage fighting, the popularity of the industry and how the Pittsburgh Fight Club made their name in MMA by training actors and stuntmen including Tom Hardy. And years after competitive fighting, Hib continues to create and innovate through his project, ‘Hammer Flow’.

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