Show #176 – David August, Sir Freddy Kowalo

Vocalist and songwriter David August along with rock touring veteran and guitar technician Sir Freddy Kowalo sit down to share stories and thoughts on popular music, today’s recording process, various producers, social media’s effect on popular music and more. The boys also share stories of their experience filming the 2009 movie, The Road.

Show #138 – Fred Vogel

Film maker Fred Vogel sits down with Eric McKenna and guest co-host Sir Freddy Kowalo for a look into the filmmaker’s career as a writer, producer and founder of Toe Tag Productions. Also discussed in a Fred’s original movie, August Underground, the horror genre, Fred’s work in special effects and his recent right turn with his latest movie, The Final Interview.

Show #14 – Adam ‘The Prototype’ Milstead

UFC fighter Adam ‘The Prototype’ Milstead is Eric’s guest on pOdcast #14 of The Eric McKenna Project. Adam resume includes MMA fighter, UFC fighter, Actor and Thirsty Outdoorsman!

Adam’s story is one of overcoming a difficult childhood and having the tenacity to forge ahead to success. Adam discussing his journey into the MMA and ultimately the UFA, his time spent acting as well as his venture ‘The Thirsty Outdoorsman’. Join us!