Show #148 – Christine McMahon Tumpson

Christine McMahon Tumpson is in-studio to discuss Whirl Magazine, the launching of the new One Whirl Magazine, her career in Publishing, Journalism and Brodcasting as well as her thoughts on what makes Pittsburgh such a unique city.

Show #92 – Jeff Verszyla

Jeff Verszyla returns to Boogie Street Studio to share what’s new with Pittsburgh Weather Now and Jeff’s very successful web-based weather service, White Board Weather! Jeff was KDKA TV’s cheif meterologist for 23 years and a Pittsburgh favorite. In 2019, in his first year fo creating White Board Weather, Jeff was voted Pittburgh’s magazine ‘Best of the Burg’ 2019!

Show #74 – Nan Cohen

Pittsburgh Divorce Reality Expert, Nan Cohen, joins Eric in the Boogie Street Studio! They discussion is EMp Show #74. Nan shares her expertise on Divorce from decades of working with couples directly through the ins and outs of Divorce. Included are the effects of communication, social media, children and much more. Nan’s also discusses her professional and curated matchmaking service, DinnerFor2pgh. And she shares unique stories and tips on entering the dating life as a middle aged person. And her distain for online dating. Lively and eye-opening discussion with KDKA and KQV Pittsburgh radio personality, Nan Cohen! Join us!

Show #46 – Jon Burnett

At the Boogie Street Studio, Eric was joined by special guest, long-time TV personality, Jon Burnett!

Jon has worked in TV for 42 years and for Pittsburgh’s KDKA for 38 of those years. Over his career Jon co-hosted ‘Evening Magazine’, Pittsburgh Today and Pittsburgh Today LIVE as well as serving as a weatherman for KDKA TV.

Jon also won an Emmy in 1996 for a special report he did on Tornados.

Great conversation full of memories, fun and laughter from a wonderful career with one of Pittsburgh’s favorites – Jon Burnett!