Show #206- Rocco Cozza

Attorney, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur Rocco Cozza returns to EMP! Mistrust in media and public information, the art of deception, aliens, black budgets, the inequity of MLB and much more. Wideranging, freeform conversations that are always ‘Real’. Join Eric as he sits down with one of Pittsburgh’s best – Rocco Cozza!

Show #195 – Dr. Matt Ryan, Philip Clarke

Duquesne University’s Economics Professor Dr. Matt Ryan, as well as Director of Student Affairs Philip Clarke, sit down with Eric in the Boogie Street Studio. Topics include thoughts on changes in higher education post 2020, the effectiveness of virtual classrooms, the value of higher education and potential changes in the college experience going forward. The 2nd half of the show is free-form discussion on major sports including baseball’s universal DH, the quality of umpiring, violence within the sports, rule changes vs tradition and much, much more.

Show #142 – Dr. Matt Ryan

Dr. Matt Ryan returns to The Project. This round, the topics include how the concepts of capitalism and socialism are used and often misued, the financial viability of the Olympics and how the unique environments the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA have opereated in this year effect wagering markets. All this and more!