Show #235 – Dr. Antony Davies

Dr. Antony Davies is a Professor of Economics at the Palumbo Donahue School of Business at Duquesne University. He is a Milton Friedman Distinguished Fellow at the Foundation for Economics Education. Dr. Davies hosts the weekly podcast “Words & Numbers” with James Harrigan and also co-authored the book “Cooperation and Coercion’ with Mr. Harrigan.

Show #234 – Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith is a Conservationist and a Safari tour guide with SafariSmiths. Kyle sits down with Eric before he returns home to South Africa. Kyle shares his thoughts on American life, the pandemic as well as developing his firm, SafariSmiths, with his partner Jennifer Markus. Kyle also expresses thoughts on ecological dangers of Shell Oil Company’s gas exploration off South Africa’s Wild Coast

Show #233 – EMP Squad Ep #7 – Cassidy Bauer, Julia Mulligan, Jerry Mulligan

The EMP ‘Squad’ sat down for their 7th conversation. Eric, Julia, Jerry and Cassidy takes on various current event topics including the public trust in media, law enforcement and each other. The squad also discusses the ridiculous background of ‘Corn Flakes’. EMP is pure thought exchange. EMP has no sponsors and no agendas. Our shows are longform conversations that are unbiased, unfiltered and unvarnished.

Show #232 – Kyle Smith, Jennifer Markus, Katie Smith

Jennifer Markus and Kyle Smith with SafariSmiths join Eric and guest co-host Katie Smith. Jennifer and Kyle share the extensive Safari travel as well as the unique animals and the conservation and protection efforts around them. Kyle, who is a native South African, has spent considerable time working at the Kruger National Park, one of South Africa’s most celebrated game reserves.

Show #231 – Cris Winter

Longtime Pittsburgh Radio Personality Cris Winter returns to Boogie Street Studio for another sit down with Eric to talk music. Among topics this round, the pair discuss 1981 – The Year in Rock. Also discussed is Cris’ recent return to the airwaves on Pittsburgh’s rock.

Show #230 – UFO show #7 – James Krug, Julia Mulligan, Jerry Mulligan

For UFO Show #7 Eric is joined by UFO expert and MUFON’s James Krug along with Julia and Jerry Mulligan. Jerry is filling in for Sir Fred Kowalo who is currently on tour. The show’s multiple topics include a detailed discussion on the planet Mars.

Show #229 – Eddy Crow

Eddy Crow is a longtime Pittsburgh Radio Personality and currently the daily host of WBVP’s ‘Teleform’ talk show. Eddy also has spent many years with WDVE in Pittsburgh. Eddy’s 2nd appearance on EMP is a wide ranging discussion with Eric on terrestrial radio’s viability in 2021, social media influencers, short attention spans, truth in ‘news’ and much more. EMP is unvarnished, free-form conversation with no sponsors, no agendas and 100% authentic.

Show #228 – 4 Friends Ep. #11 – Rocco Cozza, Dale Austin, Fred Kowalo

Episode #11 of the EMP ‘4 Friends’ series features Attorney and Speaker Rocco Cozza, Financial Professional Dale Austin and Rock and Roll Guitar Tech and Touring Veteran, Sir Fred Kowalo. Topics include thoughts on Success, Happiness, Motivation and how these topics change with generations, time and life experience. Conversation that is Always Unvarnished, Always Unscripted and Always Real with No Sponsors and No Agendas.

Show #227 – Dr. Patrick Cooper

Theoretical Physicist Dr. Patrick Cooper returns to the Boogie Street Studio for another wide ranging discussion with Eric. This time, the topics include Electrical energy, the history of the calendar and time, a better understanding of atmospheric pressure, the discovery of the subatomic and a clearer understanding of the benefits and consequences of cryptocurrency.

Show #225 – 4 Friends Ep. #10 – Dr. Shannon Thieroff, Rachel Jane, Scott Burke

On Episode #10 of EMP’s ‘4 Friends’ series, Eric is joined by Dr. Shannon Thieroff, Rachel Jane and Scott Burke. The concepts of Success and Happiness are on the table. The crew discusses how life in 2020 and 2021 changed business, relationships, dating and possibly our overall expectations and maybe our definitions of happiness and success. Unbiased, unfiltered and unvarnished conversation, as we crack it all open on EMP show #225.

Show #224 – Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore returns to Boogie Street Studio for another conversation with Eric. Ed is a best selling author, former professional heavyweight boxer, speaker, entrepreneur and competitive chess player. His website, writings and work focuses on self-improvement and a practical approach to stoic philosophy. During this visit, Ed shares his thoughts on cancel culture, the anti-fragility concept, our current need for a focus on nutrition and health as well as his thoughts on the need for new ideas and perspective in our government structure.

Show #223 – Paul Alexander

Pittsburgh Sports Personality Paul Alexander returns to the Boogie Street Studio for another sit down with Eric. A little Steelers, a little Pirates, a little Penguins – and a whole lot of Life. Real and unvarnished conversation the way Paul brings it!

Show #222 – 4 Friends #9 -Jennifer Bayer, Rocco Cozza, Mandi Pryor

In the 9th installment of Eric’s ‘Four Friends’ series, Mandi Pryor, Jennifer Bayer and Rocco Cozza sit down for the typical frank, unvarnished conversation EMP is known for – along with some typical hilarity! Topics include raising kids, online middle age dating in this bizarre era, the insanity of social media and memories from a simpler times

Show #221 – EMP Squad Ep. #6, Julia Mulligan, Jerry Mulligan, Cassidy Bauer

Eric is once again joined by Cassidy, Julia & Jerry as the EMP Squad gets together to film their 6th episode. Typical unvarnished and straight ahead conversation including thoughts on the meaning of ‘happiness’, personal philosophy, motivation and much, much more. As always, EMP delivers frank discussion with no agendas. Free form thought and conversation in a relaxed and fun format!

Show #220 – Rocco Cozza

Pittsburgh, attorney, speaker and entrepreneur Rocco Cozza is back in the Boogie Street Studio for another conversation with Eric. Rocco offer his perspective on the state of the world, what lies ahead and other ‘heavyweight’ topics. They wrap up the show with a discussion on what is body shaming, ideas on promoting healthy living and the obstacles to good habits and nutrition.

Show #219 – Fred Kowalo

Sir Fred Kowalo returns to Boogie Street Studio for another one on one sit down with Eric. On tap are Fred’s upcoming book, thoughts on the origins of rock guitar, who actually started ‘heavy metal’, touring memories and more. The guys finish up the show with memories of the people and artists of Boogie Street Guitars as well as the development of The Project

Show #217 – Chad Medved

Pittsburgh podcaster Chad Medved joins Eric in the Boogie Street Studio for a wide ranging discussion podcasting, the web, social media and the lost art of ‘real’ conversations. Chad hosts a Pittsburgh based podcast entitled “I’ll Call You Right Back” and bring his unique perspective creating content, show development, video vs. audio podcasting, guest selection, format and much more.

Show #216 – Mike Shereck, Rocco Cozza

Business coach and author of ‘Manhood Manifesto’, Mike Shereck, joins Eric and Pittsburgh attorney, speaker and author Rocco Cozza, for a discussion of Mike’s book as well as thoughts on better communication, humility, common ground and much, much more.

Show #207 – Ryan Peters

Insanely popular Pittsburgh based chef, pasta guru and social media phenomenon Ryan Peters joins Eric in the Boogie Street Studio! Ryan discusses his career journey as a chef and the whirlwind that has been the last 18 months with his pasta making explosion on TikTok. Ryan also discusses the launch of Peters Pasta and much more.

Show #202 – Four Friends Episode #6 – Mandi Pryor, Nathalie Steindl Fleck, Chad Reed Shipley

Episode #6 of EMP’s ‘Four Friends’ series included Mandi Pryor, Nathalie Steindl Fleck and Chad Lee Shipley. Topics include fitness and health motivation, personal drive, parenting, bullying and much more. Frank, unvarnished and ‘real’ talk. And some humor as well!

Show #200 – Squad Episode #4 – Cassidy Bauer, Julia Mulligan, Jerry Mulligan

The EMP Squad reconvened for a 4th episode of frank, unvarnished and real talk. This time they cracked open topics including is free will an illusion, is social media an illusion, do humans truly desire what they say they do, why actions seldom match words, human expectations and much, much more. The deep and the hysterical in an amalgamation of fun!

Show #192 – Dr. Rueben Brock

In this visit to EMP, Dr. Brock shares a change in direction he is undergoing as he closes his private practice and shifts his concentration to television, filmmaking and other creative content endeavors. Also discussed are big picture ideas on community, our need for belonging coexisting with our desire for individuality, motivation, kindness and much more!

Show #171 – Rachel Jane

Cancer survivor Rachel Jane decided she would incorporate an unusual element to her recovery. Rachel contacted 100 of her Facebook friends and invited each to meet her for coffee and have a real conversation. In addition, Rachel filmed and documented each meeting. Join us as Rachel discusses this unique project and her recover journey.

Show #167 – Dr. Shannon Thieroff

Dr. Shannon returns to EMP for another fast moving and super fun conversation! From Groundhog Day to Furries to Online Dating to Social Media to the Importance of Curiosity and Skepticism to the Pittsburgh Yinzer to the insanity of Tiger King and so much more fun! Join us!

Show #157 – Rodney Burrell

The dynamic Rodney Burrell sits down at Boogie Street Studio to talk social media marketing, real vs fake engagement statistics, product influencing, small business survival and the development of his own business ventures including an automobile dealership, BMG (Burrell Media Group) and Coffee Passport.

Show #151 – Rocco Cozza

Accomplished speaker and author Rocco Cozza returns to Boogie Street Studio to chat with Eric on a variety of subjects including the search for truth and facts, what can drive public narratives, the merging of social media with traditional media, the pursuite and importance of personal responsibility in an effort for social harmony and how common ground should be a goal for everyone. Always a thought provoking discussion between Eric and Rocco. This show is no exception.

Show #137 – Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore returns to the Boogie Street Studios to sit down with Eric. Topics include Ed being Roy Jones Jr’s sparring partner for the upcoming Mike Tyson fight, Ed’s continued growth on multiple social media and internet platforms, Joe Rogan’s move to Austin, Ed’s recent appearance on James Altucher’s podcast, blogging, travel, food and much more!

Show #136 – Dr. Rueben Brock

Dr. Rueben Brock returns to Boogie Street and sits down with Eric for EMP Episode #136. Dr. Brock touches on a variet of topics including the cost of college education, the importance of self-education, the changing landscape of communities, the continued growth of digital over human connection, social media influences, labeling, living in the ‘extremes’ as well as Dr. Brock’ thoughts on living, creating and earning with ‘purpose’.

Show #133 – Alex Simmons

Personal Trainer Alex Simmons returns for another sit down with Eric at the Boogie Street Studios. Alex discusses his customized approach to his work, goal setting, the mental challenges of any weightloss or fitness training, and the overall importance of good health. Also discussed is social media, Alex’s large following and the goal of continued positivity.