Show #231 – Cris Winter

Longtime Pittsburgh Radio Personality Cris Winter returns to Boogie Street Studio for another sit down with Eric to talk music. Among topics this round, the pair discuss 1981 – The Year in Rock. Also discussed is Cris’ recent return to the airwaves on Pittsburgh’s rock.

Show #229 – Eddy Crow

Eddy Crow is a longtime Pittsburgh Radio Personality and currently the daily host of WBVP’s ‘Teleform’ talk show. Eddy also has spent many years with WDVE in Pittsburgh. Eddy’s 2nd appearance on EMP is a wide ranging discussion with Eric on terrestrial radio’s viability in 2021, social media influencers, short attention spans, truth in ‘news’ and much more. EMP is unvarnished, free-form conversation with no sponsors, no agendas and 100% authentic.

Show #174 – Cris Winter

Pittsburgh radio personality Cris Winter returns to EMP to share more music stories and opinions from her decades in Pittsburgh radio, including her time with the ‘alternative rock’ station 100.7 WXXP and of course,102.5 WDVE. Cris also shares her thoughts on ‘Classic Rock’ as well as stories about Elton John, David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Johnny Rotten and much, much more!

Show #155 – Eddy Crow

Longtime Pittsburgh radio personality, Eddy Crow, visits Eric at the Boogie Street Studio. Eddy shares his story and experiences both in and out of radio including his time at WDVE as well as his current gig, hosting Teleforum at WBVP. And of course, there’s a whole lot of rock and roll. Check it out!

Show #146 – Cris Winter

One of the true voices of Rock radio in Pittsburgh, Cris Winter, joins Eric in the Boogie Street Studio. During her time with WXXP, 3WS, WISH and of course, WDVE, Cris’ career spanned modern Rock and Roll’s most exciting decades! From 70’s Hard Rock through New Wave through Alternative and beyond, Cris was there! Join us for stories and a whole lot more!